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Preparing to Move

Moving is a stressful and taxing affair for the whole family. This is why our hubbies are dedicated to making your move as streamlined as possible. No need to tidy up inside or outside of your current property. Leave it up to us to transform it in a condition the new homeowners will be happy with. Plus, we can make your life easier by patching walls where picture frames were hung, replacing flooring or broken tiles, pressure cleaning the driveway, and restore any of the home features that may have seen some wear-and-tear.

Another stressful aspect is the preparation of belongings before relocating. Our Hubbies will go above and beyond to take care of preparing your belongings, which includes de-assembling indoor pieces such as wardrobes, dining room tables, flat packs – and outdoor furniture like trampolines or cubby houses. We’ll also de-stall clothes dryers and washing machines from wall racks, and take care of any rubbish you need removed. Best thing of all? We’ll re-assemble all your belongings at your new home so you don’t have to! Bliss.

It’s moving made easy.

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